I'm hoping SelfEndeavor becomes a place where all of us help each other stay connected, sober and available when it seems like life is just an insufferable pile.
All it takes is a message, call or even better a new friend to help us in our times of need.
Meet sober people, start a river dancing or Grand Theft Auto group… whatever you want.
Find and post events around the city we think are worth checking out or even create an event for.This is a site for us to help each other and stay connected. A little about me…
The last couple of years of my life I’ve been isolated, mentally unstable, and completely dependent on alcohol.
I was ashamed of what I was and I hated myself, I shouldn’t hate anything. I have a little over a year sober now and I feel anxious mynext steps in my own development as a happy, sober, somewhat functional member of society. Sobriety is the best thing that has ever happened to me, never in thirty years did I ever think I would say that.I'm looking for likeminded people to connect with. Make your profile, stay in touch and don’t be a creep. This isn’t a hookup, site so please do that elsewhere. l'll update the site with everything sobriety related around the city that doesn’t suck to the best of my ability, not just AA meetings and bake sales.I know it's hard in the beginning to try and find support, friends, or something to do and that's why I created this site.
It's not perfect just yet - but one day it will be, I promise.
Self Endeavor a work in progress just like us, I have huge plans and ideas.

You can help save someone's life today, and just in case the world has gone to shit and you think you're alone, click on my profile, I'm usually around.